Thursday, August 21, 2008

Happy Birthday Holly Wen and Birth Mom

Today we stopped by our friends house to say Happy Birthday to Holly Wen because she turned 4 Today!!! Happy Birthday to You. (These photos are from my friend Tammy.)
Since Simone was rather sick when we played with them last week she now wanted to stay over at their house and play but we had tons to do (We are a little busy with school starting soon and Simone just getting over being sick). She has also been in a mood for no pictures so I am glad that Tammy snagged this one because she was too cute with her sunglasses, flower and head band. She is doing her hair her self almost every day.

While visiting with Tammy she was sharing with me about their new tree they planted for Holly Wen's Birth Mom. As Tammy was telling me about this my eyes filled up with tears because since it was Sophie Wei's Birthday two days ago I have been thinking a lot about her Birth Mother!! We have also been wanting to do some thing to remember our girl's Birth Mother but have not found the right thing yet, some thing that felt just right for us......We talk about their Birth Mother and Birth Father but wanted some thing more.....When I heard Tammy say that they planted this Chinese Tree in the front yard I thought to my self UMHUM! That's it. Rick has to feel right about it but I think we are getting closer......I have also thought about lighting a candle for each of them and talking........

At some point I would like to write some thing to the Birth Mothers of our Daughters. I just have not yet been able to write about all that I have been feeling. One thing I know for sure is that I am so thankful that they cared about our girls, gave them the gift of life and with out them we would not have a family.

Here we are with Holly Wen looking at the Chinese Tree that she planted with her family in remembrance of her Birth Mom.

We are so blessed to have met the Kirby's. They are such great people who have some of the same feelings about adoption as we do.

Happy 4th Birthday Holly Wen!

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