Thursday, September 04, 2008

Long Wait for Home

When reading my newest addition of Adoptive Families October Issue I learned about a new DVD in their Media Focus Section.

Above is a photo of his new DVD that we just purchased. This DVD is from Dr. Changfu chang, click on this sentence or photo for link. We can't wait for it to arrive and I am sure that we will not be disappointed

Below some information about the DVD "Long Wait for Home". I found this information on Dr. Changfu's web site.

"International adoption has increasingly become a national phenomenon in the United States. In the last two decades, many American families have gone to China to adopt children and to provide them with loving homes. More than ever, American families are exposed to China’s culture and history, and to the awareness of the social, cultural, and economic conditions that lead to the abandonment of children in China.

Despite a surge in media coverage of adoptions from China, there are many unanswered questions: Who are the birth parents and under what circumstances do they decide to give away their babies? How do children end up in orphanages and what kinds of lives do they live there? Moreover, with so many “foreigners” going to China to pick up these Chinese babies, what do the average Chinese people feel and think about Americans and international adoption?

To answer these questions, Dr. Changfu Chang and his team present the widely anticipated documentary, Long Wait For Home. For the first time, we sit face to face with birth parents who share with us the hard decisions they have made and the emotional toll they have suffered; we go to orphanages and take an intimate look at the living conditions of children usually inaccessible to film crews; we also converse with a wide range of ordinary Chinese citizens and scholars on the subject of international adoption.

Long Wait For Home, a work of five dedicated years, and edited out of over 100 hours of footage, is a must-have video for the whole adoptive community. Together with Dr. Chang’s previous productions, this video will be part of a permanent collection in your family library."

Directed, Produced and Written by Dr. Changfu Chang
Associate Director and Producer: Andy Nitchman
Camera : Jiandong Huang, Andy Nitchman & Kevin Fritz
Editing: Andy Nitchman
Narrated by Brett Summers
Music Score by Andrew Zubko
Cover Art:: Tom Groody
Cover Design: Nancy Mata

Approx. Running Time: 50 minutes

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