Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Things Are Going

i am sure you are all wondering how things are going? this photo is of sophie wei on day three of her hospital stay after her surgery.

sorry i have been unable to post updates. i will try tonight because my mom will be here to help us for a couple of days. i will update on sophie wei's blog if i can tonight.

since sophie wei is on my lap i can only type with one hand so it takes so long. i do want to journal what has been going on so the girls can read about what we all have been through especially sophie wei. hopefully it will remind them that yes, life can be very hard and not every thing is easy. i also hope that they have faith. i have received some great scriptures from from some friends that i also hope to post tonight.

i will leave you with this last quote from simone. it is from this morning.

sophie wei, simone and i were sitting at our kitchen table. the girls were doing crafts and i was watching them.

all of a sudden i see simone has two little tears falling down her face with her bottom lip out. when i asked her what was wrong she started to whimper and work her self up.

i asked her to please tell me what was wrong. she said, "i want sophie's cast to come off."

i started to tear up and say, "so does mommy, daddy and sophie wei. we all do. i know this is hard but we can make it through this!"

That pretty much sums up how things are going..........


Sharon said...

Awwwwww, she looks so tiny and vulnerable! So pretty and sweet too, I am praying! You are a brave mommmy!!

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