Thursday, October 16, 2008

Cousin Brandons Email

We were so lucky to have my Mother in Law and Nephew Brandon visit us this weekend! Simone and Sophie Wei enjoyed their time with them and the special treasures Grandma Jones brought for them......Grandma Jones is always so thought full.....especially the Banana Lotion, yum they smell great! Since they live out of time we treasure our time together and love being with them!

Brandon is so nice to let Simone "doctor" him up. She said that she needed to fix all of his hurts.

Below is part of an email that Brandon sent to Simone:
"And thanks to Simone all the worms under my skin have been frozen and extracted, all due to the wonders of scotch tape."

I then typed an email from Simone to Brandon. I just typed while she talked, talked and talked some more. Thanks to my typing teacher Mr. Lux I can type fast:

"Thank you, i love you, i love you, thank you, glad i could help you! I love you, I just very love you and I would love to come and visit and I will try to go on an airplane but I know that is hard I will try to fly across that thing, I am glad I could help get your worms out, I love Brandon. I love you Brandon hope your tape owey measure owey arm i bet you have a sprained ankle, I am glad glad glad I could fix it. I love you too much i love to fix it and I love love to fix it, i would love to fix it to get your worms, there is cold ice, cold ice. I love you too much, I think it is not going to hurt, i think i am going to be a doctor and i will love i don't know if I am going to be a doctor but I will. Happy Halloween love you, Simone"

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