Monday, October 20, 2008

New PJ's and Vacation

My Sister In Law Andrea and Brother Jason sent the girls these adorable Halloween outfits.

We have decided that we need a big vacation some time soon.....Probably this summer. First we thought we were going to Disneyland. We purchased a book and thought about it for a while. When we found out how expensive it is and that the girls still might be afraid of a lot of the rides we decided to do it another year. Especially since Simone does not even ride on rides at the County Fair.
Now we are thinking.....MEXICO

Possibly staying in Akumal. My brother and sister in law have a connection with friends who own a house on the beach or we will stay in a hotel or a condo. Then we want to spend time in Playa del Carmen, Cozumel and other towns we find while there. There is so much to see and so. Can't wait!!!!!!!

Now we have to start saving.

Please leave me a comment (It would be nice to see who has been reading the blog anyways. I can tell via my tracker but please stop in and say Hi.).....Have you been to Mexico? If so please leave me a comment and tell me some details, details, details........What hotel, etc.....What city?

Better get to sleep...My night..Only four more days with the Spica!!!!! Two more nights for me with the Spica and two for Rick...Then we will be half way towards recovery which will start a new count down on this Friday!!


Amber said...

I would love to go to Mexico! I think that seems like a child friendly warm, relaxing, adjective... adjective... vacation!!

Heather said...

I have been to Mexico several times... Mazatlan, Puerto Vallarta, Cabo, and one other place I can't recall the name of that was just a port on our cruise.

We have a time share, so we always stay at resorts which are fabulous. I know there are some great deals for air and hotel in one, so that might be the way to go. Cabo is probably the most Americanized city that we have been to. Let me know if you have questions and remember- you all need passports now. : )

Kim said...

VACATION....that's just what you need. We did ours pre-casting, for obvious reasons. I've been absent from "bloggerville", trying to catch up. I understand the tough times, I'm with ya sister! Take care and Sophie Wei sure is beautiful!

Elizabeth said...

I am so glad to hear you are on the countdown to being done with the cast. I check in here daily and only wish I could be with you and helping you every day.

Never been to "vacation" Mexico, only "mission" Mexico. Trust me, you don't want to go on vacation where I've been!

Love you bunches and miss you!