Sunday, November 30, 2008

Christmas Tree

Our Nephew Brandon, Simone, Sophie Wei, Me and Rick. It was so foggy when we first arrived at the tree farm, it was so fun to watch the kids running, minus Sophie Wei but soon we will be!
Emma, Scott, Becca and Sara.
Simone was being a little stinker and was running away from me while I was trying to take a photo of her. Finally she said, "chocolate if I take a picture!" I laughed and said sure while I thought to my self that I may have used that line a bit to much.

The boys were busy cutting down some trees before we were able to catch up with them......Just joking. Becca found this new tree farm for us to go to. They are sending these above trees to Hawaii!

We normally go to a Tree Farm that has animals and a hay ride but we pay $$$$ for a simple tree, around 55-65 dollars for a 6 - 7 foot tree. At this new tree farm we only paid $15.00 for the same Noble. We had to drive about fifteen minutes farther out of town to get there but it was worth it!! We were the only ones there and it was beautiful and we had fun getting a little muddy!

Just as we left Simone asked about the tractor ride. Rick told her that is for when we go to pick up our pumpkins and she was fine with that so I was happy....I was wondering if she would miss all the extras which are fun but not always needed.

I took many photos since it was Sophie Wei's first time picking out a Christmas Tree. If her face could talk I would think she was wondering why we were bringing that tree home with us or why was it going in our house!!!???!!

Daddy's little helpers!

Sophie Wei loves her "HEMMA!"

Emma is such a big helper. She was holding both of Sophie Wei's hands because it was hard for her to walk on the uneven surface and so I could snap a few photos. I was thinking to my self that in just a few more weeks or a couple of months she will be able to walk on a ground like this with no problem.

Sophie Wei's first candy cane! I think it is so cute how she holds up her little pinky finger.

Simone has not been chewing her finger nails for a few days so she told me the other day that she "sees white" on her finger nails so could we please have a nail party?

So we did, as you can see they are very short but she is making progress.

As I write this our tree has already started to lean A LOT, so much I was laughing. Rick is on his way to drop Brandon off and then go to the AD/DC Concert with his Cousin Ron. The tree will have to be decorated tomorrow which is fine because our house is a mess and I have a pile of clean clothes to put away. I am so excited!!! Tomorrow starts one of my most favorite months of the year.

Which me luck, I have entered all of my assessments but now have to mail merge them onto our new PE Portion of the report card. Hope things go smoothly because they are due to the classroom teachers by this Wednesday!

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