Friday, October 31, 2008

Halloween - Sophie Wei's First

Sophie Wei's First Halloween. She enjoyed it and would say "trick or treat" just as soon as we would step foot into someones driveway! Simone started off great until half way, skeletons scared her and made her cry. After she calmed down I just did not take her up to any houses that had skeletons. She said, "those bones belong in the body!" Sara was all about quickly moving on to the next house, she was on a mission and very brave. Emma was a very sweet big girl, taking it all in and being very helpful.

We had a blast with the Watson's a memorable night!!
Introducing.....The Lady Bug, Dorthy, Tinkerbell and The Beautiful Chinese Girl!

The kitty and butterfly!Our family. Silly Simone squishing Daddy's face!
The Watsons: Sara, Becca, Emma and Scott.

Simone ran went to get the candy to pass out to our neighbors before we went out.
I had to include all of these photos because the kids faces change with each one!! They are so cute. Sophie Wei, Simone, Sara, Emma, Ally and Abi.
The kids with lots of candy and messy toys!
Our neighbors Brad and Missy gave all of the girls a package of Halloween Tattoo's. They spent over an hour putting them on. They all enjoyed them. There are no pictures of Sophie Wei because she was in bed by the time Becca took these photos for me.


Stefanie said...

How CUTE are ALL you guys!?!? Great pictures :)

Blessed Mom of Four, Now Five said...

Love the photos!
Please tell me more about how Sophie Wei is doing.
I see her standing with support. Is she able to start walking yet? We go back to the doctor in 1 week to see if we can start putting pressure on Ellie's hip.