Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Katie, Matt and Bella

Our friends Katie and Matt have been training their Dog Bella to be a therapy dog. I am so excited for them and for what they are doing!! They are helping so many!! Your compassion and mission to help others is inspiring!

I wanted to share an article that was just written about them by the Delta Society in our local area. Here is the article below:

"Bella is a silky white and black, eight pound Papillon. She sports large, whispy, butterfly-like ears. She is perched on Katie's arm, and wags her tail vigorously as they approach a very frail, elderly, women buried under blankets.

The tiny woman is quite obviously surprised at the site of a visitor and responds brightly to Katie's beautiful smile. At first the woman doesn't notice Bella, but Bella waits and grins.

During visits with other folks today Bella exuberantly 'gave kisses', but at this moment she restrains her behavior. The woman's eyes drift to the quiet little Bella. Surprised, she exclaims, "Oh, I'm afraid of dogs; one attacked me when I was little. See?" The woman touches the side of her face and rubs it slightly as if remembering something long ago.

From a distance, Katie smiles and gently asks the woman if she would rather not receive a visit today. Already quite fond of Katie, even with Bella calmly draped on Katie's arm, the woman invites them to stay.

There is discussion about many things, mostly ailments and adventures from days gone by. Bella patiently waits. Eventually the woman asks questions about Bella; her worried look is now relaxed. She grins, "You know, if I ever needed a service dog, I think I could get used to one pretty quick".

Before the visit ends, the woman's roommate joins in the chatter. The nurse in the hallway grins as he walks by and hears the contagious laughing from the room. The visit ends, Katie says goodbye, Bella is still patiently, quietly, wagging her plume of a tail. The woman invites Katie and Bella to "come back soon for another visit".

Katie Herz and Bella are Delta Society Pet Partners and regularly volunteer together at The Glisan Care Facility."

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