Tuesday, November 11, 2008


Today is a day to remember and thank Veterans for their service!

I would also like to take time to Thank My Dad, The Marine just like his Dad, my Grandpa Scott.
Thank you for training so hard at Camp Pendlten in San Diego and your tour in Vietnam.

To my Grandpa Scott (my Dad's Father) for serving our country during World War Two and Korea.

My Grandpa Smith, Army, served in World War Two.

My Father In Law, Rick, Army Reserve.

My Mother in Law's Father, LaVar P. who served in the Navy for 15 years and then in the Air Force for 27 years as a Master Sargent. Serving in Tacoma, Korea, Japan.

Uncle Terry, Army Airborne. Vietnam.

Cousin Shanna Army Airborne, currently serving.

Good Friend Mike, US Cost Guard.

My Dad (Grandpa Scott "Gong Gong") with my Nephew Carter. Silly boys!
Thank you to every branch of the Military.

Yesterday at school the fifth grade team put together a sweet Veterans Day Assembly! They had one representative from each branch of the military. It was touching to see them in person. Then they asked other members of the audience to stand if they were a Veteran and four other adults stood.

Thank you all Veterans, you are a blessing.

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