Saturday, December 06, 2008

Chengdu and Decorating

Today we spent the day cleaning our house, finished putting up decorations and Rick put up the lights on our house.

We were also able to give this photo album to one of the Parents at my school so she could deliver it to Sophie Wei's Orphanage in Chengdu. This parent is going to Chengdu for a visit and we are so blessed she will do this for us (her Son is one of my PE students and I found out they were going via my friend Jan who is his classroom teacher!!!) We are excited about this!

Simone is below helping me set up our little Christmas Village.
Simone has been complaining of her ear hurting her and we are afraid she may have an ear infection so tomorrow morning if it hurts her all night we will take her into Urgent Care. Such a bummer she has these ear problems.

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