Thursday, December 04, 2008

Elf on the Shelf

Thanks to my friend Andrea I learned about this cool Elf on the Shelf Idea for a fun Christmas Tradition. Thanks for the idea Andrea! I found this set at the Hallmark Store but you can also purchase it online here and mail it to someone as a gift.. There also is an interactive web site here.

Today after arriving home from a dentist appointment that lasted 1.5 hours I hid the Elf while Rick distracted the girls. Then after I read them the book I asked them to look to see if there was an Elf in our house.

The Girls LOVED IT!!!! Here they are when they found him. Simone was pointing at him like crazy. Simone named him Magical.........she always comes up with the best names and I think this name is perfect! Sophie Wei liked it but was more interested in the Candy Cane.
Eating candy canes from the Santa Count down.

One of our traditions is to do a Count Down for Christmas and when Santa is coming to our house. We always have chocolate coins from Trader Joe's and Candy Canes. This year I mixed up the candy canes and added large ones. The girls love it as you can see by the photos.

The girls dancing because they are so happy about Magical!

I am off to register our Elf so we can receive a letter from Santa :O)


Below is the letter I received when I registered Magical!


Thank you for taking the time to register the name of your elf with me here at the North Pole. Magical loves his new family. In fact, Mrs. Claus had a huge smile on her face as she entered Magical's name in the big Elf Registry book she keeps. I'm looking forward to hearing all about you and the rest of the Houston family every evening during the holiday season. Be careful to be on your best behavior. That way, I'll be sure to get lots of good reports.

Don't Forget: every morning your North Pole scout will be hiding in a new place. Have fun looking for your special elf friend, and remember Magical is doing a very special job for me.

I am so glad you and your family have decided to join us in this holiday tradition by adopting one of my best helpers. I look forward to visiting you in Vancouver, Washington on Christmas Eve.

See You Soon, Santa Claus

I can't wait to read this to Simone and Sophie Wei in the morning!


3 Peanuts said...

That elf is so cute. I need to pick one up. I keep seeing him everywhere and my kiddos would love that!


Tracy Woods said...

Cute, cute pictures! I love the Elf on the Shelf. I need to get one.

Beverly said...

what excitment!! too cute.

Jessica Ullom said...

This is so funny because I just ordered Elf On A Shelf from Amazon about a week ago after reading about it on another blog. I'm glad you guys like it - wish mine would hurry up and get here :)

Jewels of My Heart said...

Ohhhhhhhhhhhh those sweet, smiling, radient faces... they melt my heart!
We had a little elf that looked like that when I was a little girl.... brings back memories...
Merry Christmas to your beautiful family.