Saturday, December 20, 2008

Lew's Hair Pretty

Rick took these photos the other morning when Simone was putting her hair pretty on Lew. At first he would use his paws to take it off and then he started leaving it on for a bit.

The girls love him and don't mind telling him when he needs to go to "TIME OUT!"
We have been trying to have Lew inside with us most of the time now, especially since it is so cold. He still likes to chew on toys/stuffed animals so he has to be watched as usual! Simone enjoys being the one to bring Lew in from his little area of the garage. We tell the girls that he can not come in until all of the toys are picked up and for now it is working. Even though Lew likes to chew/eat every thing he really is a lovable, loyal dog.

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