Sunday, January 25, 2009

Half Marathon

Today Rick ran in his first Half Marathon, 13.1 miles. We are so proud of him.

It started snowing yesterday evening so we awoke to snow on the ground but the road ways were clear. Since there was snow around I found this clip art photo to help us remember this day. There are also many photos of Rick on the photographers web site but can not post them here because they are copyrighted. This evening we both got a chuckle out of looking at his photos :O) We will have to order a couple so we can make a shadow box for him to put his participation medal in.

Rick said that is was very cold and he struggled with that. He developed chin splints a week or two ago and made it through that....

Fun stats:
Rick finished in 01:57:20, his goal was to finish under 2 hours.
His split was 0:08:57.
Rick finished in 185th place out of 338 total people for the day.
30th place for his age.
124th place for the males.

My husband is inspiring for me because as you can see I stopped working out because I feel a bit over whelmed with life right now....I wish I could be like him and forget what is going on and just work out but I am struggling......Together we have a lot going on and have some big decisions to make. So crazy that we did nothing today for the Chinese New Year! (We will celebrate and attend a few fun scheduled events later but for today, nadah.)

I do feel blessed that the girls have transitioned well back into preschool.

I hope to get my groove back some time soon :O)

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Lifestyle Photography said...

What was his number? I want to see! I found the website, but don't want to look through 4500 photos to see him!