Monday, January 05, 2009

Sophie Wei's First Day of School

Today was Sophie Wei's first day of school. She is attending the same preschool that Simone goes to. It was also the first day that she has been away from Rick and I. We had a late start due to snow that arrived yesterday. That was a blessing for us because we had tons of extra time to get ready.

When it was time for me to go Sophie Wei followed me to the door area. I picked her up and she pressed her check against mine. I told her that I needed to go but held her for a couple of minutes. I then tried to redirect her by the gift wrapping area with some tape and it worked. She was then fine with me leaving, no tears. Today she was ready so I hope tomorrow goes just as well. When Rick picked the girls up at the end of the day he said that Sophie Wei said Hi but continued to eat her snack as if she was not ready to go??

Today was a good first day for us all and it helps to know that our girls are with professionals who make their day so much fun! It makes going to work so much easier.

I almost forgot to take a photo this morning. Here are the second and third photos that I took of her.....As she made her silly faces Simone was giggling next to her.
Sophie you crack us up!
Our little girls going off to school. Below is the home school connection that we received from her teacher.
All About Sophie Wei Today:

Letter of the week: D

During free play, I mostly chose:
  • science corner
  • manipulatives
  • music corner
  • dramatic play - country cabin
I participated in circle by:
  • sitting appropriately
  • answering questions
  • singing songs
For snack I had:
  • water
  • jelly rolls
I played outside.

Today I played with: Simone, Julia, Kennedy

Story today: The Nutcracker

What a big day you had today Sophie Wei. We are proud of you for taking such a big step today. You have grown so much in these last two weeks. You have seem to have turned a small corner. We still have a ways to go but you are such a trooper!! We love you so much and we are so proud of you.

Thanks Simone for all of your extra help, you are such a caring big SISTER!


Andrea said...

What a big girl and what an exciting day! I'm glad it went so well.

Beverly said...


Anonymous said...


Thanks for dropping by! I haven't peeked on your darling girls for awhile. My goodness, Sophie Wei is stunningly cute!

Roxanne Kristina said...

Hi girly,

Thank you for your email while we were in FL. What an adventure! Beth will have countless stories to tell. I will try and get us going on pics soon, but in the meantime wanted to stop by and let you know I missed you while we were gone. Hope all is well and you had a wonderful break. The picks are awesome and so great to see Sophie walking confidently!


Jewels of My Heart said...

How happy that she had such a fun day.... I know it must be a relief for you.... her little funny faces are just priceless.... what a little sweeting.

Sharon said...

So adorable! I love that funny girl shot! She is so proud of her backpack and herday, I can tell! How is mom really!>? haha She sounds like she is going to be great at school!!