Saturday, April 18, 2009

Nixon Dances

What a day we had today. We went for a boat ride in on Lacamas lake in Rick's new little boat. It was so much fun. Then later that evening Simone and I went to watch Nixon dance. She signed up to be a part of a Seniors Project. Nixon was a part of the middle school dance group. This Senior put on a dance show and all proceeds went to help fight against MS! There were about 12 different acts and it was great!!!

When we first got their Simone reached out to sit on Nixon's lap because she adores her and then she was looking at her funny along with the look of wonderment on her face.....WHY was Nixon wearing makeup?? She looked different to her, it was so funny!

Nixon is growing up so fast. I still remember her as a little Kindergartner in my PE class!!
Below is Renata who I also had as a student. She did a great job also!! Here she is taking a peak and helping the music person above the stage. Her Mom won TWO raffles tonight!!

Above is the middle school group with Nixon on the far right. She did a super job!!

I did not want to disturb anyone sitting in front of me with my flash so I only took a couple of photos.

Below is the high school team. I loved their outfits. Way to go CHS!!
Cooper, Reagan, Nixon, Simone and I.
Nixon we are so so so so proud of you.

It was so nice to see such a well put together show.

Rick and I are attending another Senior Project Benefit on Saturday night. We are excited to go with a group of friends from my school. Emma is putting it on and if I remember correctly it is about world hunger. I can't wait to learn more. There also is another Senior, Blair, who will be doing his senior project the same night. He will be catering the event. I think we are having appetizers, a main course and dessert!! I had the pleasure of having Blair as a student and Rick had Emma.

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