Sunday, April 05, 2009

A Visit With Tera, Lauren and BreAnn

We had a fun time meeting up with a friend of ours, Tera and her Daughters BreAnn and Lauren at our local park. We had a fun time getting lunch at the farmers market and then playing in the fountain.

Tera is a friend of ours from childhood. We have not seen her since our ten year reunion which was about 7 years ago so it was nice to catch up.

Tera and I use to play together often when we were little and were in Campfire together :) I have a lot of fun memories with her.

From left: Lauren, BreAnn holding Sophie Wei and Simone.
Simone still had that lady bug!

BreAnn was so sweet. She was taking such good care of Sophie Wei, taking her all over the fountain so the adults could visit. Lauren and Simone were also helping.

I also did get to see some of my students from school. One group of girls just got their hair done at the local beauty school for a birthday party.

We also ran into our friends that we met during our student teaching, Marta and Darin and their two children. Darin and Rick coached football together for a few years at Alki.

I was happy to start feeling better since I was three days on my antibiotics by then so it was SO nice to get out and get some fresh air. What a great day to see so many friends!

Simone and Lauren will both be starting Kindergarten this fall!!

The girls found a lady bug!! Simone wanted me to take lots of photos of it!

Till we meet again!

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