Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas Eve Traditions

Rick is so sweet that he brought his shovel to clear our neighbors walk ways that needed help and have not been able to do that yet. He was also looking out for all of us. Love you!My Mom and Robert came up for a couple of days.Steve and Anna have the best decorations in the neighborhood.
Simone and Emma jumping off the snow.

Cold light pole.
Due to being snowed in and being exhausted from Sophie Wei's recovery I did not do baking for our neighbors like I normally do. We just went around and handed out cards. I was bummed but relieved because it is a lot of work. To tell you the truth it feels good to relax a bit. We even stayed home from Church for the first time in YEARS because we were just needing a brake.

Since Scott and Becca use to live in our neighborhood they came over for the "traditional" walk. Our house is the one on the top left of this photo below. We are so thankful for Rick decorating it with lights every year for us. The Girls and I enjoy it!

Me and Becca below.
My Mom and I.

Reindeer food!

Simone and my Mom watching adopted children from China and around the world have their cleft palettes worked on/surgery. They were both very into this!

What a blessed day for us all to be together. Even though we did not do every thing we normally do we still had fun!

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