Saturday, May 02, 2009

The Crash

On Saturday while at my Father In Law's Birthday party I thought I heard my cell phone ring so I checked it and it said extended network. I thought to my self that was weird and since it did not register that anyone had called so I ignored it. I checked it again a few minutes later wondering if one of my friends who lived at the beach was calling me, nothing.

On our way back to my Mom's house I check my missed calls and received calls, nothing. Weird.

As we pull into my Mom's house I see my Step Dad Robert on the porch on his cell phone looking distraught. I don't see my Mom or their vehicle and think to my self, "that is weird that they are already back from Robert's sons wedding and it is only 7pm."

As I step out of the car I hear Robert say as he was talking to the person on the phone, "we were in an accident, we took Diane to the hospital, she was hurt but is ok."

I think to my self, OK, OK, what does OK mean?? I don't see my MOM!

As I am hearing this I grab Sophie Wei out of the care, Rick gets Simone and I run into the house. I don't see my Mom and even thought I heard him say she is ok, I panicked when I could not find her in the house!!

As I am calling my Mom's name around the house I finally see her wobble out of their bedroom with a Neck brace on. (She is waiting for a full knee replacement surgery but since she had an ireggular EKG she had to have an ECHO and Nuclear Exam. The Nucleur Exam came back abnormal. She now needs to see a cardiologist to see what is going on.)

I HUG my MOM and start to cry telling her I love HER!

What happened is that on Saturday afternoon, Robert, My Mom and His parents were headed to Roberts Sons Wedding and were hit by a tree while they were traveling down the road.

The very old tree "dropped out of the sky." They did not see it coming.
They are all ok but still can't believe it happened!! Things could of been worse.

They took my Mom to the hospital right away because she was in the front passenger seat and was in pain. It was hard for them to get the door open but they did it. Their Sun roof chattered completely spraying glass all over them which caused some discomfort to her Father In Law's eyes and landed all over her Mother in Law.

They checked her out via xrays, ekg, etc. and every thing came out ok.
They gave her a neck brace for the neck since she is in pain. The doctor said that the pain will get worse for the next two to three days but no damage. They gave her muscle relaxers and pain meds. to help with that.
Roberts parents were able to make it to the wedding. Brandon, Roberts Son who was getting married made it to the accident because they were just AROUND the corner from the church. His Pastor even came down to say a prayer for them.
Their Pastor and wife drove down to Seaside to be at the hospital and David and Gloria were in the area for a convention so they made it there too.
My Mom told me she asked one person in the ambulance, "do you know Jesus?"

The gentleman said, "I am not a Christian."
My Mom then said, "I just wanted you to know you did a good job."

YOU NEVER KNOW lies a head of you.

Cherish every moment. Be happy, appreciate what you have, forgive and live!

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