Monday, May 11, 2009

An Update on My MOM

Today I went to the hospital with Robert, Simone and Sophie Wei because my Mom needed to have an angiogram done to check out her heart.

After a very long day we find out that she has no blockage!! What a relief. Her breast tissue was a cause for the abnormal Nuclear and EKG. This happens often in some Women but because of her up coming knee surgery we needed to know for sure what was going on. The only way to know for sure is to have an angiogram. Now she can have her much needed knee replacement.

Simone and Sophie Wei were so GOOD all day. The greeters that were in charge of keeping us updated on my Mom's status gave us compliments all day on their behavior. We left our house at 6:45 am and arrived home around 5:30pm.

The girls met a new friend Mariah who's Grandpa was having a Quad Bi Pass.

After being in the hospital all day and hearing other peoples story's it reminds me how precious life is!!

I am thankful for my Husband and Brother Jason for being there for me!! Love you guys!!

Happy Birthday today to my Cousin Shanna.

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