Sunday, June 07, 2009

Feading the Seagulls

Daddy, Cousin Brandon, Sophie Wei, Cousin Ashley and Simone.

We went to feed the Seagulls in the morning before Brandon's Graduation.

It was very cold and windy!


efriddle said...

Your pictures are wonderful. What kind of camera do you have?


Team Houston said...

Hey Em,

I have a Cannon EOS Digital Rebel. It is 4.5 years old now, we got it before we went to China for Simone.

I also use the Picasa 3 to edit my photos. It is fast and easy...I highly recommend it. It is free to download from Google.

Have a great day. Thinking of you. Let me know next time you are in Vancouver so we can relax and have the kids play.

xoxo Michele