Sunday, July 26, 2009

Summer Sneak Peak

I still have not been able to fix my lap top so I tried down loading some of my four hundred photos, yes four hundred!!!! My old computer can not hold that many so hear is a sneak peak to our first part of our summer vacation...... I am afraid to load any more because I do not want this computer to crash.....I will catch up when I can and load the rest later.

Happy Girls, sleeping in every day!!! It is SO MUCH easier every day not having to get the girls to school on time, letting them sleep and having NO PLANS, I have loved being home and it has taken me a long time to settle in and relax. When some one has a fit they can just stay in their room, have their fit and come out when they are ready to be with the rest of the family. If someone has a fit we just cancel our plans and don't go. It is such a nice feeling getting into the car in the drive way when everyone is happy, I am sure the neighbors miss that this summer.

Rick is training for a half marathon so he has been working hard. He runs far and bikes forever. He has also been working on the yard like crazy but it looks great.

I have just really started running two weeks ago after we came back from Arizona, I am struggling and still trying to learn how and what foods to eat. I can't wait to visit with My Brother and Sister In Law and hope some of their food habbits rub off on me ;)

Some highligts have been our trip to Arizona, the girls getting use to the water, Baby Colton's Blessing and spending time with the Sautter Family, Hanging with the Watsons, time spend on the treadmill and bike. Photos will come later but it will be worth the wait ;)

Fourth of July.

Paper plates can be so much fun!!!!!!! Sophie, Jake, Simone, Lauren and Matthew. They are driving a bus here!

Simone and Sophie playing with friend Josephine.

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