Thursday, August 06, 2009


We went to physical therapy for Sophie Wei today. She told us that her right foot is not at full dorsi flection. We knew this but she is at the point where she needs intervention to help prevent a surgery. Her Achilles tendon is tight due to having been born with a club feet. The left foot is doing fine for now, maybe it was not as severe as the right when she was born??

We are hoping that with a brace it will help her during her growing spurts and keep her muscles stretched. She will be getting a brace to wear at night, all night. The brace will keep her foot in the stretched position instead of having the toes pointing out/flat. The brace will be for her right foot only.

She is about 6-7% away, this is the point where surgery is needed but since most kids who have it now will need surgery again we are going to try and wait...Well see how things go with the brace and stretching (they said that the brace is very important and will help more than the stretching.)

Our surgeon is on vacation so we will be able to talk with him when he gets back and get his opinion as well. We were referred to the physical therapist a couple of weeks ago when Sophie was in for her 4 year old check up with her Pediatrician. It had been 3.5 months before that we have seen her surgeon last.

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