Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Grandpa Gong Gong's BDay

We arrived in Chandler Arizona on my Dad's 59th Birthday....The Girls were excited to ride on the airplane and to play in the pool!!
Five days of this, I could get use to this!
My Dad and Sophie Wei.
Me and Sophie Wei.
Grandma Lina and the girls making Grandpa's Cake!

My Dad playing silly for Sophie Wei on his cell phone.

Love their back yard! One of the girls relaxing while being misted with the Misters!

Happy Birthday To YOU!

Grandpa's helpers.

The girls happy to be in Arizona on vacation!

Simone with Pool Boy, aka Daddy.

Sweet and Silly Sophie Wei!


Lifestyle Photography said...

Ahhh...love that pool! I want to go back to AZ soon!!!

The Wilbur's said...

So cute! I can see so much of your brother in your dad! Glad you guys are having such a fantastic summer (or had =)) love ya!

The Raudenbush Family said...

What beautiful girls you have! We are in the process of adopting ourselves (LID 7/23/2007). We are in the sn program now -- if you wouldn't mind talking with me about your girls' special needs, I'd love to hear more about them. We're considering adding club feet to our list but are gathering all the information we can from adoptive families first to really understand the issues, treatment, prognosis, etc. Thanks -