Saturday, August 29, 2009

Matt and Brittany's Wedding Reception Part One

Matt and Brittany!! Congrats!!!!!
The last time our girls saw Matt and Brittany was at Colton's blessing when they were able to run and jump on them. The girls asked if they could do that again and it made me laugh......not right now, maybe later ;)

Mike and Baby Colton. Matt's Mom made yellow vests for all of the Boy Grandchildren!! It was so adorable. She also made dresses for the girls.
Jake above.
Sophie Wei in a mood for photos.

Simone in a mood for photos.

Lauren and Simone.

Dalton, yummym loving his Aunt Katies cupcakes!!

The girls with Lauren's Cousins Ellie and Dalton.

Me and my sweet little girl, Sophie Wei.

Above the Groom Matt talking to his big Brother Rob. Below the proud Father of the Groom hanging with Soph.

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Jewels of My Heart said...

Ohhh, could they be any cuter?!!!!
I think not! Impossible... I love how they were working the camera! hehee
What a happy day.