Saturday, October 10, 2009

Fall Party

Simone and Maya.
Simone was invited to her friend Maya's Fall Party. She had such a fun time! It was neat to see her interacting with her friend. I was so proud of Simone because she was such a big girl at the party, she was not attached to my leg and felt so comfortable....She is growing up.

They decorated cookies, make fall/Halloween cards, played outside on the play structure and bounce house, had a treasure hunt, had yummy fruit and pizza, played musical pillows and danced! My kind of party.

Simone decorating her cookie.
Simone and Maya.
Silly face!

Hailey (Maya's big sis) and Simone above. During the treasure hunt game they ended up hiding each others treasures. Below the girls were playing musical "chairs" pillows....Then they had fun dancing.

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