Sunday, October 04, 2009

Rick Finishes His First Marathon Today!

We are so Proud of you DADDY!!!
Wheres RICK???? Here is our view of looking for Rick......
Rick left our house at 4:45 this morning to get to his first Marathon after he had breakfast. We only live about a half of an hour away but I think he was so excited and did not want to miss it when it started at 7am.

We left around 8:20 ish am to cheer him on around the 16.5 mile marker (just before the St. Johns Bridge.) Can't remember what time, maybe around 9:38am ish we see Rick!
Daddy waving. Here we saw a Daddy pushing his child in a job stroller. The child had was holding a tiny wind mill looking like they were having the ride of their life!
Rick then called me over to take his long sleeve shirt. He said he had just put it back on after carrying it for about 3 miles. Rick said he almost threw it on the side of the road so that worked out we could take it for him ;)
It was great seeing Rick during his run. It was pretty cool for us and the girls were great.
There was a band playing for the runners not too far from where we were parked.
We then leave this area and drive to the finish line which is located in down town Portland.

We arrive in down town Portland. The atmosphere is great, people cheering, clapping, smiling, crying, cameras flashing and people running!!
It was fun talking with Ullom and Condon on the phone. John was tracking Rick on line via his chip that was located on his shoe. Technology! That was fun because we could estimate his arrival. Ullom was also doing the same and saw Rick around the 21 mile mark to cheer him on!
There goes Daddy, I get my camera ready just in time...
At the finish line!
We run to catch up with Rick after he crosses the finish line.
He receives a space blanket, medal, t-shirt, rose, start of an evergreen tree, drinks and snacks. He also has an official photo taken.
Daddy sharing his cookie with the girls.

Sophie proud of Daddy, holding his medal.

The girls loved Daddy's medal!
Since I have not been in a lot of photos lately I had Simone take this one of me with Rick! I love it and I am happy we made it in the picture.
What a fun day filled with inspiring people!
Being at the finish line I saw many touching things: a women was inside of the fence cheering on her elderly Dad saying, "Dad you can do it!". I saw a couple of sets of sisters, friends or cousins holding hands as they crossed the finish line.....I saw a couple in matching outfits holding hands up high as they cross the finish line...
Faces tightened, fists clenched, sweat dripping, deep breathing and the aura of accomplishment!
What a memorable day!
Rick I am so PROUD OF YOU and so happy we got to witness this day!!! xoxo
Here are some fun stats(not sure how many total people?? maybe around 10,000 or I heard someone say 12,000???):

2263 RICK HOUSTON M 35-39
Marathon Start: Gun 7:00:24 Chip 7:04:52
Splits: Time: Pace
10 Km = 59:06 = 9:31 pace
8.9 Mi = 1:23:12 = 9:21 pace
Half = 2:07:12 = 9:43 pace
17.5 Mi = 2:53:12 = 9:54 pace
20 Mi = 3:22:24 = 10:08 pace
21.1 Mi = 3:36:35 = 10:16 pace
Finish = 3:38:32 = 10:38 pace
O'All = 4264
Sex = 2591
Div = 479


Becca said...

Rick ~ You're amazing! Way to go!!! We are so proud of you!

Tracy Ann said...

Wow, way to go Rick. You got some great pictures.