Friday, October 09, 2009

Sophie's Doctors Visit Today

Today we had two Doctors Appointments for Sophie Wei.

Here is what we learned from her Surgeon:
1. Sophie Wei's Achilles tendon is tight. Due to her club foot.
2. We will try the brace first (needs to be worn all night long so it can stretch it.) He said she has been through enough so we are going to try every thing first before surgery.
3. If that does not work in a few months then we will try casting her leg for a few series at about two weeks each.
4. If that does not work then she will need surgery.
5. He said her hips range of motion is looking good.
6. We can see him in June for an xray and another look at her hip. On going talk about her Achilles when needed.
7. Received two new lifts for her shoe.
8. Thankful that we have two options to try before surgery.
9. LOVE her Surgeon, he is such a blessing!
10. It was the Doctors Birthday so the girls sang Happy Birthday to him in Chinese. He liked it.

Prosthetics and Orthotics Appointment:
1. It took about six weeks for them to make this special brace for Sophie.
2. She cried like crazy when he but it on her.
3. Another Doctor blew up a rubber glove like a puppet and put a face on it to cheer her up.
He said he did not want her to cry.
4. This brace is painful for her.
5. SO thankful that we have health insurance and a job to pay for the brace ($1633.00 but well worth the try.)
6. After they fixed her custom brace a bit it fit better...She let us keep it on all the way home.
7. Praying that Sophie will at least let us get to 6 hours of having the brace on at night and then at least 8 hours.
8. We need to tighten the brace in about a month so her Achilles tendon can stretch out even more.
9. In three months we will exam this and see if it working.

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