Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Mom's Day Two After Surgery

The surgery went well for my Mom she is now on her long way to recovery. She is pretty groggy from the pain medicine and in a lot of pain. She walked to the door of her hospital room this morning and then threw up so they gave her medicine for that.
My Mom is on the knee machine to help keep her knee moving, she is at 45 degrees.
I am still having a very hard time seeing my Mom like this. It also brings back what we went through with Sophie last year during her surgery so I pray a lot.
I spent the night in the hospital with my Mom last night. She did not sleep much nor did I.
Each day away from surgery and the more she walks/does her exercises the better it will be.
My Mom on her new cell phone! She FINALLY Gave in and has a cell phone ;)

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