Friday, November 20, 2009

Simones First Chinese Performance-With Out Mommy!

Today Simone had her first Chinese Performance in her Chinese Class. She attends class two times a week for an hour.
They have one performance at the end of every session. Parents and family members are invited.
Simone walked in front of the class all by her self twice (once for rehearsal and once for the actual performance.)
This is what Simone said:

Said her name in Chinese.
Wo jiao Xu Xu
(I love how she says her Chinese Name loudly and proudly!)
Li mian you shen me?
Li Mian you
Qui qiu fei le
(Balloons Fly Away) (Chinese Teacher had to help her with this and Simone liked that.)
yi ge hong se de qi qiu
A red balloon.
yi ge lu se de qi qiu
A green balloon.
yi ge huang se de qi qiu
A yellow balloon.
yi ge lan se de qi qiu
A blue balloon.
yi ge cheng se de qi qiu
An orange balloon.
yi ge bai se de qi qiu
A white balloon.
qi qiu fei le
Balloons fly away!
Then Simone talked about some body parts;
(in class they learned how to say
"baby doll" Sophie and her have been having fun all week saying Bu WA WA!):
you yan jing
bi zi
er duo
Then she sang a song about some of the body parts(while singing the song she pointed to these body parts, tune to head should knees and toes.) She did this all by her self!!! I motioned a couple of the movements to her during the song because she got a bit shy but she kept going and was pretty loud:
yan jing, er duo
shou, her tui
shou, her tui
yan jing, er duo
shou her tui
shou her tui
bi zi
her jia!
Then after all of the students went individually they all sang a song about Balloons. I don't remember the words to that song so I can't write them down. I will have to ask Teacher for it.
We are SO SO SO SO very PROUD OF HER!!!
She is loving her class and Chinese Teacher! Her teacher is soft spoken, energetic, nice, smart and loves teaching the kids.
She even tells us
that she "can't wait until Chinese Class."
There are about ten kids in class so it feels pretty small.
I can't believe I forgot my video the end of next class I will remember so for now I wrote down what she said.
We are all having fun getting back into Chinese again. We listen to it in the car and watch dvd's by Mei Mei which help. We are all enjoying it.
What a great ending to today! Just what we needed.
I had to pinch myself this evening, watching Simone up in front of the class by her self....with out Mommy....
Simone has come a long way from our Saturday Chinese classes where she would not do anything with out me or being in my lap. It is fun just to enjoy these moments and cherish them.
We are thankful for our little girl, what a blessing she is.


Becca said...

Simone, we are so proud of you!!! I wish we could have seen you!

K said...

Good job Simone!! That is so exciting. Michele, where is she taking Chinese classes?


Team Houston said...

At Prune Hill. Wed's and Fridays. I think they are moving it to JDZ in January?? It is so cool!

Thanks Girls!
xoxo M

Fliss and Mike Adventures said...

WOW... that is impressive...