Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Doctor Simone

Simone still talks about being a Doctor.  She says, "that she would like to cut open the hurt and fix it".  A  couple of weeks ago she tole Sophie and I that she would like to "be a doctor so I can fix Sophie's hip and leg."  Sweetheart you can be what every you want to be ;)

She also told me a few days ago that she has a "good memorie" because when she watched a scary show she remembered it "at night time and it still scared her".

This photo was taken while we were at the Watson's.  (Thanks Becca for making our Christmas Card, can't wait until they arrive!)

We have been pretty busy.  Even though report cards were done a week ago, I my bottom left wisdom tooth taken out on Friday and Rick has been busy putting in our new hardwood floors with help from Scott!! 

Work Christmas Parties tomorrow, teacher gifts to hand out and hopefully our Christmas Cards will be arriving soon.

I am also busy makine gifts on line.....I hope to be done soon, better get to work.

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