Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Panda Play Group

Today we were able to meet up with our Pand Play Group Friends.  We had a GREAT time! 

The highlight of the time together was seeing Maya and Remmington (what cool names!).   I can't stop smiling about our day together.

I was so excited while taking the group photo that I thought I did not catch any, I did not want to miss this photo!!  Tracy told me she could email me so I felt better but when I got home I found I did have some.  I just think it is time for me to purchase a new camera.....My friend Scott told me that they only last so long any ways :)  Hmmmmm, maybe that is why I am having so many problems with my Digital Camera, it is around 5.5 years old........can I wait until my Birthday in July?

Simone and Sophie We were so excited as you can see them touching Maya in the photos.  Sophie Wei was able to hold Maya and Simone was able to feed her a bottle.  This was a big topic of our discussion at dinner tonight.

I feel so blessed for our Girls to be apart of such a fun, sweet group of Girls and Mommy's!!

Silly Girls!

Thanks Aunt Andrea and Uncle Jason for the new outfits!  Note Sophie's choice of boots, she insists on her snow boots with every outfit.

What a great afternoon!

Thanks Cheryl for hosting. 

This evening I went to my dermatology appointment to check out my moles.. ... I took Simone with me because she really wanted to go.  When we arrived and when the Doctor came into the room Simone said loudly, "Do you know why I am here?  Because I am going to be a Doctor, Tell them about it Mommy!"  I could not believe it, she cracks me up.

Rick went to pick up some groceries with Sophie.  When we arrived back home
he told me that Sophie said to him, "Daddy if you don't buy any pudding I will put you on the Naughty List!"

I Love My Family!

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Tracy Ann said...

Love your pictures! It was great to see you.