Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Happy Birthday Simone

Simone turns 6 today! 

Sweet Simone,

I love how silly you are.
It is a joy to watch you do gymnastics.
You are pretty dramatic when it come to your loose tooth hurting, especially when you are sleepy.
You love Kindergarten.
You still want to be a Doctor when you grow up and you are so interested in the human body.
You just brought home your second report card from Kindergarten and we are SO proud of you!!
Your Daddy loves to spoil you.
Your Little Sister adores you.
Your Mommy is so thankful you were born.
You love to wear sticker earings.
You cry when you know you have made a bad choice.
You like to run.
You enjoy your friends at school.
You are SO happy you are 6 now and can't believe it.
You just had a great spring vacation with Uncle Rick, Auntie Andrea, Cousins Carter and Sydney.
You are taking a brake from Chinese lessons.
You are growing taller.
You enjoy showing everyone how you can do the splits.
Tonight you, Sophie, Emma and Sara were over stimulated at the book store and made my mind spin.
You have been so sweet and helpful to your Grandma P.
You love to draw and do crafts.
You were mad last week when you slept through our visit in Newport with the Sea Lions.
We purchased way to much candy while on vacation last week.
You are a solid sleeper.  12 hours that is!
We have been celebrating your Birthday for about 8 days now and you love it, we celebrate every day all year long!
We love your smile.

You are a gift from GOD!

Love you around the world and back Xu Xu, Mommy

Posted by PicasaIt was a special treat to come into your classroom today for a few minutes to take this photo.  I made your birthday crown for you in September during our Parent/Teacher Night. 
You enjoyed the special birthday box I sent with you today with a Brownie tucked inside.  You were so happy when your Teacher read the book you picked for your class to borrow for the rest of the year (The Birth of Jesus).  yes you picked it out all by your self.  You were also happy when your class sang Happy Birthday to you, gave you a pencil and certificate.

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