Thursday, April 22, 2010


While riding to school the other day Sophie says, "I don't like school. I like PARTIES, I LOVE CANY!!"

Then randomly Simone tells Sophie, "Sophie when you are 30 Teacher Dee will be a Grandma and so will Teacher Jessica. You end up being big, then bigger then a Grandma!"

Sophie said, "I want to marry Daddy!" Simone said to her, "you can't marrie Daddy, he is already married to Mommy!" Sophie says, "then I marry Mommy."

Simone tells me that her good friend in Kindergarten Sophia has the same Cousins as her. I said sorry Simone but if she was Emma and Sara's cousins too then we would see her more especially at family parties. "Mommy I know she has the same cousins because their numbers match!!! Emma is 8 and Sara is 5, same numbers, same COUSINS!"

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