Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Orphanage Assistance Special Project Detail

A Wonderful organization called Love Without Boundaries is asking for help.  They need more financial donations for their Shangrao Nutritional Program.  This is the very same Orphanage where Simone lived and recieved the same help.  This orphanage is called the Shangrao Ling Orphanage which is located in the Jiangxi province of China.

Please consider making a one time donation or monthly donation.  Any thing helps.  Do you have ten dollars to give? In the past we have only made two small donations.  Today we agreed to sign up and help every month.  I can not describe how it makes me feel to be able to do this!  To help others, especially children.

(This has also inspired us to take the time to organize a montly donation to Sophie's Orphanage specifically her Half the Sky Nanny Program.  More about that later.)

Here is what LWB stated on their web site:

"We are currently sending formula to help babies in this orphanage. We desperately need more monthly sponsors and one-time donations to support our nutrition program beyond August of this year. A typical pledge might be $25 per month, but any amount will help us. Quarterly updates will be sent to all donors."

Here is the link:

What can you give up to do this???  One night out to dinner, not purchasing paper towels every month.....

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