Monday, June 07, 2010

Mrs. P

Here Simone is with her Kindergarten Teacher Mrs. P.

She has made Simone's Kindergarten Year so much fun!!!

She is a very hard working teacher and so sweet to the children.
You can see how Simone snuggles into her even though she did not want me to take this photo in front of couple of my PE helpers.

Thanks Mrs. P for a great year, all the fun and setting the standards high.

I am in a bit of denile that she is moving on and her year with you is over. It was also extra special to have her as Simone's teacher because she is also a good friend of mine and we have been through a lot together. Can't believe that we have been working together for 9 years now! Are we (I) that old, LOL!

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China Dreams said...

I have a kindergarten teaching sister named Mrs. P! Must be something about that initial that makes them great. Looks like you've had a very busy week with field day and the end of school. Our little one also calls himself a first grader.