Thursday, June 17, 2010

Schools Out for Summer


You finish your last day of school today.

We have decided, with much thought and conversations with your Teachers to have you do another year of Pre School. You will be going back to the same school next year which would be easier on you because you are so familiar with it and you love your teachers. Another year of consistency.

You have learned so much this year.

You are now writing your name and recognizing more letters.

You probably would do good in Kindergarten but you need more time and another year will give you that. Since you turn 5 at the end of August it feels like the right thing to do. We hope when you are older in the 3rd and 4th grade we feel this would help you to have a little bit more of maturity behind you and that you do not struggle withe academic demands.

We love that you love school and that you LOVE your friends!!

You are very social, silly and a sponge!

We love you so much Sophie.

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