Thursday, July 08, 2010

A Day In The Life Of Me

(photo from my lap top photos, compliments of HP)

Today was a great day and a sad day all in one.

I finally feel like I am on vacation. I did nothing today that had to do with work.

We all slept in.

Emailed Simone's Allergist. Responded back and forth.

Made a new to-do-list since the other one is not motivating me.

I went for a run.

Rick went for a bike ride and then to his friend John's house to sign up for a race.

I took the girls for a walk to our nieghborhood park. Sophie rode her bike there for the first time!! Big deal!

Turned up the tunes and had a mini dance party. Made a silly dance video.

Rick wanted to take us out for lunch down on the Columbia River at a little cafe which sits on the water. It was pretty hot (94) but since it was his idea I thought it would be fun and worth a try. They had misters around the eating area so that was cool. Love the sun. Love my husband.

Went to purchase Ballet shoes for Simone. She is in heaven.

Came home took a short nap.

Took Simone's Kindergarten Teacher and good friend out to lunch as an end of the year celebration and thank you.

Went to a few stores and the craft store to pick up a "project". Simone picked out an unfinished wooden rocket ship. Sophie picked out an unfinished flower magnet to paint. I found a few cute things to make cute cupcakes and of course fun sprinkles.

Rick went for a run.

Had a long talk with my Brother! I miss him and his family. Love that kid!

Rick puts girls to sleep.

Sophie Cries. I go up stairs. Hold both girls. Go back to bed easy. Thats all they wanted was a bit of love.

Quick comment to Cousin Patrick on fb. Miss him and his family!!

Watched TV, blogged and fb'ed.

But as I end the night I think about my family that lives far away!! I wish we all lived in the same town! I wish that I could just drive to there house and come home in the same hour. I wish we could see each other when we needed each other. When it was someones birthday I wish I could hand deliver them a card or give them a hug. So for all of you that live by your family, cherish it! For all of your friends that are your family cherish them.

A little about a day in the life of me.

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Tracy Ann said...

Wow, all in 1 day. Sounds like you are enjoying your summer.

BTW -- Anna loves your blog, she asked me if she can look at it.