Friday, August 20, 2010

Happy 5th Birthday Sophie!

Happy 5th Birthday Sophie!

Today was such a busy day.

You awoke early, like usual.

Then we played around in the morning.

Then we went to the airport to help welcome your new friend Elise home!!!! It was such a memorable time!!! We talked about it before and I reminded you not to crowd them because her big brothers were going to see her for the first time. You went right up to her when her Mommy sat down and I had to gently remind you to step back. What a blessing for their family!!!

Then we came home and Mommy had a little brake down because she has been so busy but she got over it after a short rest.

You played with Emma and Sara as well as Auntie Becca and Uncle Scott.

Then we went to watch Simone's Ballet/Tap performance.

Let's see if I can remember who you talked to today on the phone.....Grandma Jones, Auntie Jeni, Grandpa/Grandma Gong Gong and Uncle Jason. You told Grandpa that you wanted to go spend the night at his house....It was so cute. Then right after you were talking to Uncle Jason and told him the same along with information that we were coming to their house soon, LOL! Daddy corrected you, next summer. Too funny.

That is a quick version of the day.

Love you SO MUCH Sophie, you are the light of my life!!

You and Simone demolished your cake, Daddy's idea, not mine.
We stayed up way to late.
xoxo Mommy
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