Monday, September 27, 2010

We Finger Paint With Shaving Creme and Finger Paint

Today we received a fun note from Sophie's PreSchool Teacher:

We Finger Paint With Shaving Creme:
Sophie said, "My hands are sad 'cuz they're all messy."

We Finger Paint With Paint:
Sophie said, "It's cold. It's warm."

On another note last night the funniest thing happened:
When I went up to bed at ten pm last night I collected all the things that needed to go back to their "home" in my arms and then started to climb the stairs.

I dropped hair bows and headbands in Simone and Sophie's bathroom, dropped Sophie's dolls off in her room and then went to Simone's room to drop off her Zoo Zoo Pet Hamster.

Well I pressed against the Zoo Zoo Pet Hamsters back and it started to make loud noises so I ran out of Simone's room into the hallway. I put it down, Simone moved but went back to sleep, Sophie let a little cry out and Daddy, not so happy.

The Zoo Zoo pet would NOT stop!!! So I ran it to our bedroom at the other end of the house. Well Sophie still heard it and is crying by this point so I go back into her room. Daddy tries to turn Zoo Zoo Pet off with no luck.

I lay in bed with Sophie and start to laugh. She gets mad at me because I am laughing and tells me "you too loud!!"

Rick gets even madder and takes Zoo Zoo Pet down stairs.....I laugh even harder, Sophie thinks this is not funny and I get a look from her!

I laughed so hard!!! Simone slept through it all.

I just asked Rick what happened to that Zoo Zoo Pet last night??? He said, "it is in the garage with the batteries taken out."

Memories ;)

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China Dreams said...

It is pretty cheap comedy sometimes, the things that happen in our daily lives as parents :-)