Friday, September 17, 2010


Simone took these photos around the gym today. I am actually glad she did because it gives me a reminder of where I go to work every day, teaching PE. Above are the PE Rules.

I love my job and I am so blessed that I made this my career choice. It is hard at times but so rewarding when I get to work with the children.

I am also very excited because Simone is able to attend school here too!! I love being able to see her at school. Both of her Teachers are very welcoming and loving!

Below is a very special note from a student.

Closure area: Muscle review, Skeletal Word review, CBA review, special helper, shoe award, personal best sticker and line up poem.
It is kinda funny that Simone took this photo of the skeletal area....She has been coming to the gym for years now and she is finally not scared of it!! I use to have to take it down when I would come to work after hours.

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