Thursday, January 19, 2006

Baby Sister

Looking at these pictures remind us of what a huge blessing is coming ahead of us soon, a baby sister for Simone!

These pictures of Simone are taken with in minutes of meeting her.

When we ask Simone if she would like a baby sister she says, "YAH."

All of our paper work is completed for Simones baby sister so our INS (Immigration) paper work was sent in last week. All of the hard homework stuff is out of the way. In about four weeks we will get an appointment to go to Seattle for our fingerprinting at the INS Office. Around six weeks later we will get our approval. After that our Dossier is sent to China we figure around the first of March.

This reminds me of when we went to Seattle to get our finger printing done for Simone. We went up there with our nephews and niece, Scott, Brandon and Ashley. When we got there they were not going to do it and said that we were given the wrong date or some thing like that. I think they were going to send us home and have us drive all the way up there again! That did not make us too happy and we felt bad because the kids had to wait so long for this appointment that should of only taken a couple of minutes! To make a long story short they took our fingerprints anyways.......Then we were off to our annual Wild Waves Trip.

After our Dossier is logged in in China we will have to wait 9 months for our referral. Unless things slow down and the wait time for a referral jumps to a 12 month wait or it can speed up and go down to 6 months (which it was when we started in November 2005!.) That brings us to November 2006 and if we are lucky we will travel to pick up our new daughter by Christmas 2006!

This pictue is from a porcelain shop which is located in Nanchang. Looking at the one below remember that I am very tall, 5.10"

This picture is taken on the way to Simones orphanage. How kind the people of China are. This picture shows what it was like for us when we would see new people. Even though we could not talk to each other we would just stop and look at each other and smile. This photo brings back so many memories for me. It was so hot out side and they were working so hard to keep the "rest stop area" nice. This is also where we remembered that there is NO TP in the bathrooms.

This picture below is of our new friends. We had such a great group and feel lucky that we got to travel with such wonderful people to China! The memories we share are priceless.

For our next trip Rick and I will go with two of our best friends, Mike and Windy! Rick and I grew up with Windy so this will add to the excitement. Just thinking about it makes me smile. Can't wait!!

The Bet = Windy thinks we will be in China during Christmas 2006. Michele thinks that we will be in China for Thanksgiving 2006.

Who will be correct????

All in Gods timing.

Just stay tuned to see.

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