Sunday, January 22, 2006

Happy Birthday Daddy!

Happy 33rd Birthday Daddy!
Rick had a great birthday weekend. Ronnie drove up and surprised him Friday night. Ronnie, Ullom and Tanner took him Skiing on Saturday. Sunday we had a relaxing day at home and The Watsons came over. Slept in and went to bed early. Nice.

Simone was not so sure of the candles on the cake? Why are there 33 of them?

And what is all of that smoke for?

I like to lick the candles like EMMA!

Sara keeping us on our toes. Here she is getting in Lews dog food stand. Of course the water & dog food is on the counter because Simone and Sara like to play in it. She is such a climber now a days and she is walking so GOOD. and is so cute.

I just think how much joy it is to see Simone here with us.

She brings so much to our family. I looked at her when we were singing happy birthday to Rick and I think to my self how lucky we are to be her parents. We love and adore her so much!

As you can see Daddy is very happy too!

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