Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Summer Wrap Up

Can't believe that summer is almost over! Well it is over for us today. Even though we have been to school working a little here and there we officially went back today for meetings and family drop ins. We have had a great summer!

We had our last Chinese story time yesterday. It works out good because the teacher is going to China for a couple of months and will be back in January. We have learned so much from our time with Teacher Jessica! Simone can count to ten in Chinese and sing one song by heart (Neehow Paw Paw = Hello Bubbles) recognizes the words to Heads, Shoulders, Knees and Toes but the song goes way to fast for both of us to keep up....Well be working on that one! She can also hang with another song called "The More We Get Together" but she has a little ways to go before she masters it. She also knows a handful of words......

Yesterday the teacher was talking to her in Chinese and asked her a question....Next thing I know the teacher is clapping and is gitty....I asked her what was up? She said that Simone answered her back in Chinese correctly.....I was amazed and was thinking maybe just ironic?? the teacher did not think so.

I purchased a book and cd so we can continue to learn on our own. We have been playing it for a couple of days now and she asks for it by saying, "Chinese Music." She understands the dif. between English and Chinese. It is SO cute. I also find my self so excited when I am learning.

We will start Chinese Language classes in September in Portland. They focus on Language, Dance and Chinese Movement. It is a big commitment but I think it will pay off. Can't wait.

Gymanstics ended last week......I don't think we realized how much Simone loved it until this week....She keeps asking about going there and is doing so much of it around the house.....So after a month or so we will sign up again. It's just that that gym has such late evening classes and don't work good for us so I might check out another gym and see if their program is as good??? Well see.

I could type forever about the summer but I need to get some sleep. We had such a memorable summer, visiting family, Newport and Kah-Nee-ta, The Motorcycle, Following Kimi while she was in Africa!, The Kite Festival, The Beach, Meeting families from the local Panda Adoption Group......I can't believe we have to go back to work....I was just feeling unstressed! It will be a hard week next week going back to work but it makes it so much easier when I have such a GREAT Day Care!! I love taking Simone to Tonya and she loves it too. She likes her little friends there too. Tonya is so loving, open, layed back and fun. I enjoy my time in the morning when I drop Simone off and visit with the kids and her. It is so enjoyable to see Simone at daycare, so happy....that makes saying good by for the day better, easier.... Jeni watched Simone today and then my Mom is here for a couple of days to watch Simone before she goes to day care next week.

Anyways, since school starts I will not be posting for a while...... September is a busy month in our house.
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