Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Auntie Bethanie Visits

Simone and her Auntie Bethanie! Bethanie came for a visit last weekend for the Race for The Cure. We enjoy this tradition with her every year. Bethanie and I had a great time going down town all day Saturday. We went to a very cool tile store so she could look for new tile for the house that she and her fiance are building. I even found a few things I liked :O)
We then went down to the Race for the Cure Booths! Gotta love the vibe down there! Such a wonderful organization. Then Bethanie and I went down to 23rd Street for some shoping and had a blast!!!!!!!!!!!
We even got to sleep an extra hour thanks to Day LIGHT savings time, per Rick. LOL

We even got to sleep in an extra hour on race day. You will have to ask Rick about this one :O)

Bethanie and Simone playing dominos.

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