Sunday, October 07, 2007

Chinese At The Library

Simone and her teacher.

Every Monday this summer we went to our local library for Chinese Story Time. (Still catching up with my summer photos. These photos were taken the last week of August.)

Simone especially loved the dancing and singing part with the scarfs and bells.

Every week we would check out a couple of books.
Here is Simone holding the books she checked out for the week.

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About Us said...

That is the most adorable outfit Simone! Your a cutie pie!

sarah said...

What a cool program the library had there - a Chinese story each Monday in the summer! Of course, I LOVE the library. I always have.

I enjoy your photos. Simone, of course, is such a beautiful little girl.

Anonymous said...

I just got caught up :). That library class is really great! Simone looks adorable as usual, but my fav photo has to be the one with the chalk. That is so cute! I took riding lessons and plan to have my little one take them too. The horse looks SO big, and Simone looks SO tiny!!