Sunday, October 07, 2007

Emmas Horse Party

Simone and her Daddy waiting for a turn.

Emma had a Horse Birthday Party out at the farm where she takes riding lessons. It was such a fun party. Simone decorated a horseshoe and enjoyed getting the horses ready for the rides.

Sara enjoying the snacks her Mommy made for all of us.

I am very bummed that my one photo of Simone and Emma did not turn out!! Luckily there were other people taking pictures....I hope they got one.

Simone loved riding the horse.
Ah, those horse are SO BIG!

At first Simone was a little afraid of feeding the horse but ended up enjoying it.

Hold on horsey, we have more in this bag for you.

Simone really wanted her hair in braids, "JUST like the horses!"

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