Tuesday, November 27, 2007


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A couple of weeks ago we went to the park to play with my Friend Sue and her son Matthew who is a good friend of Simone's. Simone and Matthew enjoying being silly and laughing! We are thankful for their friendship. Simone and Matthew are around six weeks apart so they will be going to school together in the future.
A couple of weeks ago we had a bridal shower for one of our friends at work. It was so much fun. As soon as Simone saw Matthew enter the room she loudly shouted, "MATTHEW!!". It was so cute to watch their friendship as they interact more. I was surprised because there was around 25 people their and we were sitting on the other side of the room. Usually Simone would be so timid and shy around that many people but I guess not any more. Her confidence has grown a lot in these past few months, or is it because she is a 3 year old??!?

I snapped these two photos as they were screaming, just because......just to be loud :O)

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