Saturday, November 24, 2007

Love's Journey 2

Our copy of the Love's Journey 2 Book arrived on November 17th!

I have been so sick with strep that I could not post about it until now.

WE LOVE THIS BOOK for many reasons.

  • One %100 percent of the proceeds go to help orphans in China.
  • The stories in this book are written by Mom's just like me.
  • The stories in this book are written by Mom's waiting, just like me.
  • The stories in this book are written by Dad's and other family members.
  • Our friend Nadine has her daughters pictures in there. Lian and Jenna are the black and white photo. They are hugging each other.She also has her work published. She wrote about how they named Lian.
  • My photo was published in Nadines entry. See the Director of the orphanage kissing Lian at the top of the page. I took that photo in Nadine and Bills hotel room in Nanchang China while the Director was teaching us how to make bottles for our babies.

  • Simone's photo is also in this book. You can see her and her cousin Sara at the top right of this page in their snow suites. My friend Kimi took this picture last winter. This is around Kimi's third time a photo of hers has been published.

This book is all that and more. I enjoy looking at it and reading the stories. It reminds me of how much I just want to go over hold our little Sophie in our arms.

But we will have to wait for God's Timing.


Jewels of My Heart said...

What a treasure. I didn't know about this book. I want to get one too.
I understand, my heart cries out for my little Isabella that I feel is somewhere in China but I will have to wait on a miracle from the Lord to even begin the process... However, He has blessed me with two precious miracles and I know if it is His will He will once again open the door.
Simone is beautiful...but we all know those Jiangxi girls are!
God's Speed to your Sophie

Anonymous said...

Simone is such a beauty. I love the Thanksgiving picture. Congrats on her being in the book with her cousin!

Our Forever Family Photos said...

Hi Deary,

I have you on my heart. This time two years ago I paining to go to China. Seemed like it would n-e-v-e-r get here and I was with in days of going. I remember the relief I felt November 29th when I held Julia in my arms the first time. This season must also be reminding you of your experiences on your journey to Simone. I can't wait to share in your joy when you return with Sophie. I wish Beth and I could go with you!!!