Sunday, May 18, 2008

Loyalty Day Parade

Rick, Simone and I enjoying the fun at the Loyalty Day Parade on Sunday May 9th, 2008. It was so fun to suprise our friends that live at the beach and fun to see Simone enjoying the parade. It was sunny but windy.

Simone, Me and Cami.

We also got to "hang" out with the Ullom Family. Their son Tanner was part of the View Ridge Band.

Ah!!! This photo of Madeline says it all!

Wendy, Me and Cami....My life long friends...

My friend Becky from work was a chaperone.

I was suprised by one of my former students being in the parade. She moved down to my home town a few weeks ago!!! She made Jr. Miss. Loyalty! Way to go Bailey. She walked down to visit me after the parade.

What is a parade with out the clowns!

And the Shriners shooting the "person" out of the tank. I remember this from when I was a kid,.

And it is still very LOUD!

The clown "spotted" Wendy out of the crowd.......

Then wanted to say Hello!

Look at Madeline and Maggie. (bottom left) I think they were a little worried about what that clown was doing to their Mommy!!! We just laughed and laughed!! Good times at the Beach! The parade will always be a special event for me. When I was a Junior in High School, 1991, I was crowned Miss. Loyalty 1st Runner Up. The year before, 1990, my friends Wendy was Miss. Loyalty, Tera 1st Runner up and Bethanie 2nd Runner up.

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