Sunday, July 27, 2008

Happy 34th To Me

I celebrated my 34th Birthday today at my Mom's house while we were there on vacation.
It was an extra special year because we now have Sophie added to our family!

I also wanted to wish my Cousin Zack, who has the same birthday as I, Happy 4th Birthday!!

I also love the phone messages, emails and e-cards that I received....Sorry but it cracks me up when people sing Happy Birthday to me because usually I am the one doing it :O)
Sophie Wei, Me, David (Gloria's husband), Auntie Gloria and Allan. I am not sure how but I did not get any photos with my Mom today so we will make up for it tomorrow...My camera battery also stopped working so these are photos from my Mom's camera. Auntie Gloria made a great taco salad for us all with all of the trimmings, watermelon and my Mom and Robert cooked fresh tuna on the grill.
Below: Robert, Rick, Simone, Sophie Wei, Me and David.
Below: It was Judy and Allan's 45th Wedding Anniversary today!!

It also was my Dad and Step Mom Lina's Wedding Anniversary today too!
A happy Mommy with her girls helping her blow out the candles.
Yummy cake from the Cottage Bakery.
Sophie Wei checking out the treadmill but decides that she will stick to the trampoline.
Sophie Wei into reading the card and Simone into mixing the ice cream.
An angel box from my Mom.

Grandpa Prater playing with the girls.

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Sharon said...

Happy happy birthday!!!! So glad you all celebrated so well! So sweet!!!